On the Issues

Jobs & Economy

As Virginians continue to prepare for a changing economy, we need to anticipate the kinds of skills, training, and degree options necessary for evolving and emerging jobs. Understanding that the Care Economy is fundamental to other economic growth areas is a vital and necessary step. We must expand access to quality childcare, ensure that families are supported with home healthcare and elder care, and that domestic workers are compensated at the levels that they deserve for their essential services. Our workers must be given the opportunity to bargain collectively for fair pay, the benefits they deserve, and safe workplaces. A living wage is a fundamental right for workers and their families.

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Education must remain a top priority for Virginia, especially as we work to address disruptions in learning, support our educators, target areas of inequality, and examine how technology can be used to foster creativity and critical thinking. Developing pathways for a safe continuation of academic effort and for returning to classrooms and colleges will help students, families, and educators identify their next steps. Importantly, addressing the areas of inequity that have been highlighted by the pandemic will strengthen the Commonwealth for all Virginians.

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Virginia has the opportunity to lead the region on critical environmental policies, to address the concerns of the climate catastrophes that face us, and to ensure that we protect precious natural resources for future generations. Key concerns that we must continue to tackle include reducing carbon emissions, shoring up coastal resiliency programs, protecting communities from the threats of flooding, and addressing the concerns of environmental justice.

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Thriving communities are built on strong and resilient families. Ensuring that families have affordable housing, access to nutritious food, safe neighborhoods, effective transportation, and responsive healthcare services helps us to build resilience and stability for all of us. Good policy decisions help us to focus on effective family leave policies, childcare resources, elder care services, and other concerns that help to support stable families and supportive communities.

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Good Governance

Good governance refers to the management of all governance structures and how to organize structures in ways that reduce friction and increase efficiency.

Elections are the foundation of our democracy. Ensuring that everyone can participate safely in elections is essential. Additionally, we must protect our election technologies, ballots, and processes so that the integrity of the electoral system is maintained.

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